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The music ministry of Simply Real is a branch of Remnant Ministries which was formed in 1985 as a youth/college ministry. In 1991, God broadened the scope and responsibility of the ministry to include regular in-depth Bible studies to encourage a lifestyle of true Christian discipleship.

In the mid '90's, Remnant Ministries incorporated as a 501c3 charitable organization and the ministry signed with an independent recording label out of Nashville Tennessee recording the CD Trace Green. The band was then confronted with multiple opportunities to compromise spiritually. Choosing conviction over compromise the band walked away from the opportunity in a mutual parting of ways with the label.

Committed to the call of God, Simply Real continued to minister, recording Blue (2002), Undone (2006), The Road Home (2015), and No Cowards (2022). Jeff wrote two books - Asking for the Ancient Path and After God's Own Heart - calling the church and the individual to repentance.

This body of work opened the door to the creation of SimplyRealTV, including The Simply Real Show and other hard-hitting spiritual programs.

(Remnant Ministries Inc. and Simply Real are not associated with any other like named ministry.)

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Past Events

November 2016
Retta Baptist Church
January 2017
Trail's End Cowboy Church
July 2017
4th of July at Living Alternatives
40-acre outdoor concert - $15 per car
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Here's a behind the scenes look at The Simply Real Show found on the SimplyRealTV channel (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, YouTube and SimplyReal.tv)


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All Past Events

July 2017
4th of July at Living Alternatives
40-acre outdoor concert - $15 per car
January 2017
Trail's End Cowboy Church
November 2016
Retta Baptist Church
September 2016
August 2016
Shiloh Presbyterian Church
July 2016
4th of July at Living Alternatives
40-acre outdoor concert, $15 per car
Fireworks at 9:00p
Snowball Express at Triple Creek Ranch
For kids from the north who've lost military parents to get a taste of Texas
Sponsored by: Satterwhite Homes, Trails End Cowboy Church
June 2016
Trails End Cowboy Church
May 2016
April 2016
Circle J Cowboy Church
No Cowards (2022)
1. Hero
2. Simple Man's Prayer
3. Only You
4. I Won't Go Astray
5. I Bow Now
6. Mariner's Tale
7. No Cowards
8. America Today
9. Catch Me
10. Hope So
11. You Gotta Know the Lord
12. Lead Your Sons to War
13. Prayer
14. Come Home
15. Homeland
The Road Home (2015)
The Road Home (2015) blends the musical styles of southern and contemporary folk. Several very talented musicians joined Simply Real to record some great music at Rosewood Studios in Tyler, TX.
For more demos visit:
1. Just to Know You
2. A Dream of You
3. Heavy Load
4. I Need You
5. I Sing for You
6. In My Eyes
7. Be Like You
8. Jesus Welcome Home
9. Let It Be You
10. Changed
11. Lead You Home
12. Movin' On
13. The Meaning of True
14. Through and Through
15. Live Without Shame
16. When You Sing
17. Holy Holy
Undone (2006)
Do you want more of God? Do you desire to see Him in every area of your life? If so, you need to be open; you need to be honest; you need to be Undone. This 2006 project incorporates an alternative southern feel with the sound of Simply Real's signature vocals.
For more demos visit:
1. Shake This Place
2. The Only One
3. Forever Yours
4. I'm Undone
5. Humble Yourselves
6. Sinners in the Hands of God
7. Turning Back to You
8. I Let Go
9. My Heartbeat
10. Know You More
11. Who I Am
12. I'm Undone (Reprise)
Download this album for free here.
Blue (2002)
After conviction caused them to walk away from their label, this live CD captures the heart of Simply Real in concert during their "blue" period. Along with songs involving our relationship with God is an excerpt of the altar call at Retta Baptist Church, Retta, TX. (2002)
1. Just as You Are
2. Let There Be
3. When I Fall Down
4. How Long
5. Walk Along Alone
6. All Hail the Power
7. Real
8. One Glance
9. You See Me
10. We Tell You These Things
11. Never Alone
12. Before the Morning Comes
Download this album for free here.
Trace Green (1999)
Simply Real's first CD recorded with an independent Nashville label. Contemporary/alternative in style, the songs delve into the reality of God and man's need of Him. (1999)
1. Precious Time
2. Real
3. Winds of Change
4. Where Would I Be
5. Tomorrow
6. Do You Know
7. Lost
8. Jester's Consequence
9. Give Up Your Life
10. The Door
11. No Longer Worthy